Children's Art Supply Packaging

Product and Packaging
Student—Cornish College of the Arts, 2017
Timeline: 6 weeks
Tools Used: Illustrator
When it’s time to turn out the light, many children fear that monsters may be lurking under their bed or in their closet. Although this fear seems irrational, it can make bedtime a pain for both parents and children. This line of art supplies  reimagines the monster as something that is fun and friendly, instead of something scary hiding under under your bed. By combining a bright color palette with friendly monsters and hand drawn illustrations, Context makes art, and bedtime, something that is fun and approachable for any child.
The line consists of Tempura Pain Cans, Paint Brushes, Washable Paint, Colored Pencils, Erasers and Stickers. 

Final Art Supply Line

Paint Brushes

Little Monster Erasers

Washable Paint

Colored Pencils

Friendly Monster Sticker Sheet

Tempura Paint Cans
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